Gatwick has become something of a legend when it comes to lively airport towns. The pretty countryside that surrounds Gatwick is a must-see for any tourist. Of course, many people use Gatwick as a gateway to the rest of the world. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to ignore the Gatwick and West Sussex area. In fact, there are some great ways that you can make the most of your stay in Gatwick.

Things to Do in Gatwick

Gatwick offers a hub for any traveller. Whether you want to head to London or explore what West Sussex has to offer, Gatwick provides you with the ideal location to do so. As such, many people are keen to head to Gatwick, for this reason.

If you have a few hours spare, why not head into the countryside. The great British country holds a lot of appeal for many. Sussex Gardens is a beauty spot like no other. The 20th-century gardens are home to stunning Gothic ruins. Should the rain hold off, it’s a great place to explore. What better what to start your holiday?

But, that’s not all. Just a short hop, skip and a jump away from Gatwick is the Art Gardens. These are a must-see for any contemporary art lover. The Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden is nothing short of magnificent. There is a water feature situated in the garden too. It makes for a relaxing experience for many. Of course, the scenic backdrop is littered with ceramics, modern art and sculptures. So, you can get your arts and culture fix while you’re staying in Gatwick.

Should the British weather stay true to form and decide to rain during your stay, head to Crawley. It’s the closest town to Gatwick and provides an incredible shopping experience. You can find a bite to eat with ease. There is an enormous amount of choice when it comes to bars, cafes and restaurants.

Travelling in the Area

Travelling around Gatwick is easy. There are some fantastic connections to ensure that your trip is made simple. The M25 London Orbital provides an easy route for travellers all over. The exceptional rail links can ensure that you are in and out of London within 30 minutes. The Gatwick Express is an excellent way to travel and ensures that you are right where you need to be within half hour. For bus lovers, there is a wealth of bus routes within the area. So, you can take in local life and the scenic countryside while getting to your destination.

Places to Stay

Finding accommodation in the region is effortless. There is a lot of accommodation choices when it comes to Gatwick. Of course, there are chain hotels that come at big city prices. But, many people want an affordable start to their holiday. A Gatwick based bed and breakfast, like Gable End, can offer you a comfortable and personalised stay. What’s more, you can save a small fortune by, not paying out city prices. With a four star rating and low rates, you can make sure that your holiday gets off to a flying start. Gable End is perfect for those that don’t want to suffer noise while travelling. As we are not on the flight path, you can enjoy a peaceful nights sleep.