Every time I travel, I make sure that I book a Gatwick B&B. Often, after a long flight, the last thing I want is to get in my cold car in a depressing airport car park and drive miles and miles. Quite often, I fly into Gatwick late at night, and so to have booked into a Gatwick B&B is a pleasure that I vow that I shall never do without again. It’s like a light at the end of the tunnel, a welcoming sanctuary after far too many hours in the air. I have a favourite Gatwick B&B that I return to time and again. It is a place where I feel at home: where the sheets are clean and the staff are friendly. It is a place where the shower is hot and the room is comfortable. It is a place where I can wake up to a delicious, home cooked English breakfast and feel happy to be back in the UK.

Even if you live relatively close to Gatwick, I’d still recommend beginning and ending your trip with a stay in a Gatwick B&B. Not only does it give you the happy feeling of having extended your holiday just a tiny bit, what with the adventure of another hotel room to enjoy, it also gives you a slow transition. As much as I love coming home after a trip, to familiar surroundings and a nice cup of tea on my own sofa, there is also the sense of being dunked headfirst back into reality. With a brief stay in a Gatwick B&B, you are taking a slow, meaningful descent back into your life, lowering yourself into a warm bath, as opposed to a cold shower.

Sometimes, I think we forget to take the time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, and to take things slowly and at our own pace. Beginning and ending my frequent work trips with a stay at my favourite Gatwick B&B means that I return to work, to everyday life, refreshed, calm and exhilirated. Without the stress of a long drive and a pile of unopened post waiting on the doormat, I return to work in a productive and positive frame of mind. So much so, that my boss thinks she ought to send me away more often. Next stop, New York City (via my Gatwick B&B, of course) – lucky, lucky me!