As the weather begins to change and the light starts to fade, we all know winter is well on its way. As a general unwritten rule of thumb, winter seems to be the time of hibernation for most people, so why should follow the crowd and ignore the opportunities to get out there and do some travelling? We’ve put together a list of the top reasons you should get out there and plan your next trip for this winter.


Now this is something that should be music to any reasonable person’s ears. Cheaper is always better, especially when you’re getting the exact same thing! So what is cheaper you ask? Almost everything. Flights, hotels, rail tickets and even the odd restaurant. Combining your travel and sleeping expenses for any trip generally proves to be a very large portion of that your trip is going to cost you. Discounts on airfare and hotels can mean a significant amount of money left in your pocket at the end of your trip.

Less Crowded

This is another of the biggest benefits of making your travel plans in the winter. The number of annual tourists that make their pilgrimage across the attractions of Europe has reached nearly 500 million annually. (You heard right… 500 million) A huge percentage of this number turns up from June through to August, making sightseeing during the summer months filled with queuing and shoulder bumping. In the winter months, you will find far fewer people fighting to catch a glimpse of the things you’ve come to see. Less crowding and queuing means you will see more quickly and will find taking your time to enjoy the sights far less stressful.

Markets & Festivals

Winter time is the time for Christmas Markets across Europe, continuing a long standing tradition dating back to the 1400’s. These markets are extremely well known and frequented by locals: this is always a great sign when planning your holiday. Locals always know best. You will also find various festivals scattered around Europe at different times throughout the season, such as Carnival in Venice.

Winter Attractions

Europe is scattered with incredible attractions which you can only find in the winter. Whether you’re seeking to explore well known attractions simply in the wintery atmosphere (picture looking up at the Eiffel Tower at night and catching glimpses of snowflakes glimmering as they flutter past the spotlights); or you’re traveling north to catch sight of the incredible Northern Lights. Winter is full of attractions worth traveling to see, regardless of whether you want to stick to mainland Europe or venture a little off the beaten track. Most importantly, don’t forget the sheer number of indoor attractions, such as galleries and museums, which you can visit in a less busy environment. There is even the possibility of a northern adventure and staying in an ice hotel!

Don’t let the lack of long sunny days and warm weather frighten you off of a winter holiday. As you can see, there are more reasons to travel Europe throughout the winter that you can count. We’ve pointed out a few of the most obvious and we’ll leave the rest up to you. And why make the start of your trip a little less stressful and stay at our Bed & Breakfast before your early flight.