Ask any parent, and they’ll tell you that the mere idea of travelling with kids is enough to get you running for the wine bottle. It’s a notoriously challenging part of parenting, but, if you want to have a family holiday, it’s unavoidable. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make the journey pass with minimal stress. And best of all, you don’t always need to be one of those super prepared mums to win the travelling with kids game! These are our ten favourite ideas for games to play with your kids whilst travelling to and from your family holiday… just in time for the summer break!
1. Alphabet Bingo
All your kids will need to play this is a sheet of paper and a pencil. Write the letters of the alphabet down one side, then let them compete to be the first to spot an item for each letter. The first child to find an item for all twenty six letters wins!

2. I Packed My Suitcase…
Playing this game might drive fellow airline passengers nuts after a while, so we recommend this for car journeys mostly. Most of us will have played this game at one point or another. The first person starts by saying “I packed my suitcase, and I put in a…

[for example] … hat”. The next person says, “I packed my suitcase, and I put in a hat and [for example] a toothbrush.” With each turn, players have more items to remember. This is a fantastic game for testing your memory. You’ll be amazed at how much your kids can remember!

3. Number Plate Stories
Another one best suited to car or coach journeys, this game allows your children to really use their imaginations. Pick another car’s licence plate at random and remember the last three letters. The first letter is the first letter of the name of the character, the second is the first letter of what they are doing and the third is the first letter of the object they have. Players then have to tell a story based on these three items.

4. Colour Spot
Each player chooses a colour, then has to spot that colour. The first person to reach the goal wins! Depending on for how long you’re travelling, or how long you think this game will keep them occupied, you can set it to 10, 20, 50 or even 100 items as the goal!

5. Twenty Questions
This classic game can be played just about anywhere. One person thinks of a person, place or thing, and the others have twenty questions to ask before guessing who/what the person is thinking of. Remember though, only ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions are allowed!

6. What’s Your Favourite?
This could go on indefinitely, and is a great way to learn a little more about one another, too! Just keep going round in circles, asking each other what their favourite colour/animal/tv show is until you’ve exhausted all possible queries. This can get pretty silly towards the end!

7. Fortunately/Unfortunately
This is hilarious, and great for little brains to learn vocabulary and use their imaginations. First person says “Unfortunately…” then comes up with an undesirable scenario, like, “Unfortunately there is a worm in my dinner!” the next player than has to think on the bright side, and say something like – “but fortunately, I’m a bird, and I like worms!” the next addition could be “yes, but unfortunately, the worm has wriggled away…” and so on.

8. Treasure Bottle
One of the few games in this list which requires a little forethought. You will need a two litre empty, clear plastic bottle. Half fill the bottle with uncooked rice or lentils. Then add twenty small items. Fill with a little more rice or lentils if necessary. Keep a list of the items you’ve hidden inside. Your children’s job is to find all twenty of the items on the list without seeing the list at all!

9. Aluminium Foil Art
Just a simple roll of aluminium foil can be enough to create whole characters and worlds for your little ones on a flight or long car journey. It can be shaped and moulded, and is easily disposable at the end of your trip.

10. What’s That Noise?
One player makes a series of sounds to tell an aural story. The other players have to guess what each sound is and attempt to tell the story they’re hearing through sound. Everyone gets to use their imagination, and plenty of giggles are bound to ensue!
So, there you have it! Ten easy ways to keep your sprogs happy, however long you’re travelling for! Just remember though, tired kids are a nightmare, wherever you’re going. Make sure they get a good night’s sleep before the flight in a comfy bed here at Gable End guest house. Our friendly atmosphere, good hearty breakfast and free ride to the airport will help your family start the trip in high spirits!