Are you often traveling around for work? Staying at a hotel can often be the most convenient way to get a comfortable bed to sleep in, but it will always feel like a hotel and not a home. Most people won’t take a B&B into consideration, especially in a business/work situation. So why choose a B&B? Well here are a few thoughts…

     Homely – a B&B will usually be decorated like a house. You will feel more comfortable and at home than you will in a standard hotel.

     Breakfast – most people will tell you this is your most important meal of the day! Why subject yourself to the standard continental breakfast…a miniature box of sugary cereal & a stale pastry? No thanks.

     Money – a B&B will generally be cheaper than a hotel in the area. You won’t need your credit card to sign onto Wifi! or be careful not to open the £10 bottle of water when you’re thirsty, and discounted rates will often be available for longer stays…just ask!

     Special Requirements – a B&B will be more likely be willing to be flexible towards special requirements you might have, such as diet, check in, out times, pets, etc.

These are just to name a few of the many benefits gained through staying at a B&B. Not to mention location, parking and dealing with the friends hosts!

B&B’s are the perfect solution if you’re even slightly hesitant about booking a hotel room. Why not contact us for more information if you’re interested?