I always like to check into a Gatwick bed and breakfast when I’m travelling. I travel a lot with my work, and also with my family. I live quite far away from the airport, so a Gatwick bed and breakfast is usually the best solution, especially when my flight leaves late at night or early in the morning. Or arrives, for that matter. Either way, I need to be sure of a decent night’s sleep, as air travel can be exhausting.

I have tried a few Gatwick bed and breakfast locations, and many of them were great. However, my favourite Gatwick bed and breakfast is one where the breakfast is hot, fresh and delicious. It is the one where the beds are soft, warm and freshly made, and where the service is most friendly. I also like to choose a Gatwick bed and breakfast that offers free on-site parking, because I tend to drive straight from work to the airport, leave my car at the airport and pick it up again on homeward arrival. It has been known for work to expect me in at eight a.m. after flying in at midnight, so a Gatwick bed and breakfast that is accommodating to the unruly hours demanded of me is paramount.

Last year, my family and I flew to Majorca for our summer holiday. After a comfortable night’s sleep at our Gatwick bed and breakfast, we were ready and excited about our early morning flight. If we hadn’t stayed in our favourite Gatwick bed and breakfast, and instead had driven straight from home, we would have hardly had any sleep at all. We would have had to drive through the night on the motorway, and be snapping at each other all through the airport checking-in process. The flight would have been murder with two exhausted, grouchy pre-schoolers in tow, and we would have arrived on holiday feeling like death warmed up. Worse still on the journey back home, when you don’t even have the pleasure of a week in the sun to look forward to!

Coming back to Britain after your overseas holiday can be a depressing experience. You know what I mean. You’re sitting there, on the flight, gazing yearningly out of the window as all the sunshine and memories of the last week relegate themselves to the past. You slowly begin to remember the bills that need to be paid, the phone calls and meetings you need to arrange, the pile of work you left on your desk to deal with when you got back. The last thing you need is to have all these thoughts compounded by the knowledge that once you’ve got through the gruelling customs queue and baggage reclaim, you’ve got a long, sleepless drive ahead of you. That is why all of us need a good Gatwick bed and breakfast that we can rely on. Find the Gatwick bed and breakfast that works best for you and your needs, and you will have a friend for life! A friendly, welcoming home from home that will soothe your travel-weary mind and offer some peaceful sleep and good homemade food before reality kicks in again.

There are few things in life of which I am perfectly certain. The first is that value bin bags are not good value. The second is that no one makes a cup of tea in bed better than my husband. And the third is that you should always, always stay in a Gatwick bed and breakfast when flying into or out of Gatwick. Here endeth the lesson!