With Christmas just around the corner it’s probably time to put your heads together and start considering what to do with your Christmas break. Where should you go this year and what should you do there?

If you live in the South East, Gatwick should be your number one airport of choice for a variety of reasons, location being the most obvious. Gatwick offers a vast array of travel destinations across the globe making your possibilities seemingly endless. We’ll try to help narrow that down for you:

Are you trying to Embrace Winter or Escape the Cold?

Embracing Winter

For those of you that love the idea of winter; that snowy wonderland, reindeer, sleighs, alpine retreats or polar spas.


Lapland is a region in the North of Sweden know for is charm as a wintery wonderland. Lapland hosts a variety of Santa Clause villages, Ice hotels, reindeer parks, northern lights and its uninhibited natural beauty. If you’re looking for sleigh rides, midnight sun and endless plains of snow, Lapland is the perfect place for your Christmas break!


If you picture yourself surrounded by snow and sitting in a naturally heated spa Jacuzzi, Iceland is where you want to go. Renowned for the natural spas scattered around the country, heated using the steaming ground water…a product of Iceland’s rich volcanic activity. Tired of the Spa? Iceland also offers winter activities such as whale watching, glacier scuba diving & caving. Not to mention you can also have the opportunity to spot the Northern Lights.


Morzine is a Ski Resort town located in France, on the Switzerland Border. From Gatwick, it is accessible by a short flight into Geneva followed with a taxi transfer into the mountains. Morzine is an old French town bundled full of charm. Incredible hotels, chalet rentals & restaurants; and to top it off it is connected to one of the largest Skiing and Snowboarding systems in the world. Morzine offers a location on the footsteps of over 650km of groomed ski runs.

Escaping the Cold

Don’t fancy spending any more time in the cold and rain than you have too? Why not get away for a while somewhere hotter!


Turkey is known for its immense heat, cheap prices and incredible charm. You can enjoy a holiday there regardless of whether you’re interested in lounging on a beach, by the pool; or looking for an adventure packed getaway crammed with sightseeing. Turkey is a very large country offering a little something for everyone.


We’ve all seen Thailand in pictures and in the movies. Its pristine white beaches, turquoise waters, vibrant water world and picturesque cliff coast line. Whether you want to sit back and relax for you stay or visit ancient temples and scuba dive, Thailand has it all. For anyone who hasn’t yet been to Thailand, it is somewhere that should be at the top of your list.


Located in the Canary Islands, Lanzarote is still technically part of Europe despite being only 100km off the coast of Morocco. Lanzarote is known for its vibrant and chillingly stark volcanic landscapes. Littered in caves and fantastic local architecture, Lanzarote has something for everyone to enjoy. Famara beach offers surfing in view of the most epic coast scape and with Papagayo offering picturesque white beaches set amongst protected volcanic alcoves, Lanzarote is fully versed to accommodate all your interests.