When travelling into or out of London Gatwick airport, you will find yourself a significant distance from London itself. It may be that you are travelling on to another location, or have an early morning flight. The best thing to do, in these circumstances, is to check into a Gatwick guest house. However, it is more important than you might think to choose a Gatwick guest house of quality, even for a short stay.

There are certain prerequisites that your chosen Gatwick guest house should be able to fulfil. The first thing to consider is whether the Gatwick guest house you choose accepts families. This may not be as vital if you are travelling without children. However, if you are, there are some Gatwick guest house locations which are not family friendly. Also, does your Gatwick guest house offer a cooked English breakfast? And is there on-site parking? The last thing you want, after a long car journey, is to have to seek out a parking space away from your Gatwick guest house, especially when carrying luggage.

You may be considering a Gatwick guest house as a convenient place to stay from which you can easily visit London and the surrounding countryside, without paying the extortionate prices of a London based guest house. A Gatwick guest house is an excellent idea if you are holidaying on a budget, and also value the importance of a homely, welcoming base from which to explore. By choosing a Gatwick guest house, as opposed to one in the capital, you will be saving yourself money, and ensuring a comfortable, relaxing and peaceful stay.

If, on the other hand, you are travelling for business, and have taken all the factors such as parking, breakfast and location into consideration, there is one vital necessity that can be easy to overlook. Does your chosen Gatwick guest house offer free wifi? Is that wifi available in your room, or only in communal areas of the Gatwick guest house? When travelling for business, it is almost certain that you will need web access during your stay in a Gatwick guest house, no matter how short that stay may be.

The final thing to think about when choosing your Gatwick guest house is transportation. You may not have brought your own vehicle with you for your trip, and if this is the case, it is imperative that you choose a Gatwick guest house that is prepared to offer courtesy transportation to and from the airport. If the Gatwick guest house you’re staying in doesn’t offer this service, you may face hefty taxi bills, or worse, find yourself marooned at the Gatwick guest house!

Hopefully, once you have taken all the above into consideration, you will be able to wisely choose the right Gatwick guest house for your stay. Then, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you have chosen a Gatwick guest house that is right for you.