The very thought of escaping to golden sands and clear blue skies is enough to put anyone in a good mood, however, the journey there is rarely as thrilling. Having to worry about getting up at goodness knows when, to get in long queues with excitable children, before finding out the airport has managed to lose your luggage, is nobody’s picnic.  We’ve put together a handy guide so the lead up to your mini break is stuffed with tranquillity, not panic.

Opt for All-Inclusive

We’re sure you’ve already heard plenty about the benefits of all-inclusive family holidays. Believe us when we say, it’s the gateway to a peaceful holiday. Choose a holiday resort with a kids club to keep them entertained, and leave them to it whilst you check into the bar or beach. All your meals will be prepared and waiting for you at the end of the day, so all that’s left to do is enjoy yourself!

Have a Thorough Spring Clean Before you leave

Whilst you’re rushing around planning holiday activities and ensuring the kids packed clean underwear, we’re sure housework is the last thing on your mind. Do it yourself a few days before you leave, or hire a professional to come and give the house a good tidy one or two days before you head off. This means you have peace of mind before you vacate the house, looking back on a clean and tidy abode before you leave it for a couple weeks is a great feeling, knowing housework won’t be waiting for your return. After all, coming home to an unruly mess can make the post-holiday depression hit hard.

Pack a Good book

Yes, it’s that cliché. But trust us when we say it really works! The trick is to not just grab any old novel, but a story in a series you’re really getting into, or an author you can never put down. If you have a collection so large, you just can’t choose your favourite, then why not look into getting yourself an eRreader if you’re a frequent flyer. They’re a great way to pick and choose from your home library whilst out and about.

Create a travel playlist to get you in the mood

Sure, it’s fun to tuck into a good book, but a great playlist can really set the mood for your holiday. Create a themed setlist for a summer holiday with hits from the beach boys, or a winter theme with all your favourite Christmas anthems for when you’re headed to the North Pole to see Ol’ Saint Nick.
Music can be key when you’re trying to tune out arguing offspring or passengers with particularly obnoxious nasal passages.

Check into a Guest House Close by the Airport

If your flight is booked for ridiculous O’clock in the morning, or the airport is a long car journey for you, we recommend you find a great guest house near the airport you’re flying with. If it’s Gatwick, you’re in luck! Gable End Guest House is the best guest house around! We provide a hearty Full English for all our guests, courtesy transfers from 7am to 9pm, and free car parking. What more could you ask for? Wake up in one of our luxuriously cosy beds, feeling refreshed and ready to take on the airport!

Be Prepared for Things to go wrong

You could make a million revised lists and plans, yet it’s very unlikely you’ll be able to predict how your holiday is going to go. All manner of things can go wrong, from lost teddy bears to becoming stranded at the airport. It’s important to take a deep breath and try and look for the funny side. Remember, you’re on holiday! Even the gristliest nightmares will be looked back on with a chuckle, so why not have it now?

We hope, with this guide, you’ll be able to avoid bad situations for the most part, and focus on relaxation and enjoyment.