So…you’re planning a holiday. A weekend away. A business trip. A flight, somewhere.


Out of Gatwick, it might be for two weeks somewhere far flung and exotic, or perhaps it’s a short jaunt up North. Wherever you’re going, you’ll want as hassle-free a journey as possible. You’ll want to relax when you can, as we all know how stressful even a short time in an airport can be. At Gable End, the holiday starts before you step foot near a plane. Our established bed and breakfast services ensure a stress-free stay in the build up to your time away, and we endeavour to start your trip off on the best, most comfortable footing.


In the hunt for somewhere to stay the night before a flight, it goes without saying that you’d like to stay somewhere pleasant to look at, but a smattering of luxury would certainly be nice. You want to know you’ll be looked after at the very least, but if it comes down to choosing between a guesthouse or a hotel, which do you go for?


While its understandable to be tempted by a hotel whose brand you recognise, think carefully before you commit to a booking. A well-chosen guesthouse like Gable End can offer you many things that a hotel can’t.


A well-polished and practiced hotel reception is one full of smiles, but sometimes it’s all too obvious you’re a signature on a cheque, a tick in a box. At Gable End guest house, our guests are individuals who we welcome warmly and genuinely want to learn more about. Any professional guest house or B&B owner will remember your name, and whether you prefer ketchup or brown sauce on your bacon sandwich in the morning. Here, we know how to make our guests feel at home and yet still as though they are somewhere special. Personal attention is definitely assured in a guest house or bed and breakfast; certainly at Gable End our guests have our exclusive attention with absolutely no distractions.


In a guesthouse such as ours, you’ll feel more relaxed than hotel-harassed. At our Gatwick bed and breakfast we run every aspect of your stay, so you are assured to receive an attentive and highly personal service that a large hotel simply could not provide. We won’t interrupt your lie-in at 8am to clean your room, but we will offer you privacy and consideration. At Gable End, the dining room cozily seats a few guests for lovingly prepared home-cooked meals, rather than offering food in a cold, canteen-like setting.


Cost is also worth noting when it comes to the choice you make, as many guest houses are considerably less expensive than a Gatwick airport hotel. Gable End offers very reasonable rates, so you may well save on your total accommodation costs even further than you thought you could. Particularly when going on holiday, you’ll probably have paid out plenty for the trip already. With the expenses that a holiday brings, you’d do well to find cheaper alternatives to costly travel options wherever possible. In lieu of the journey and airport stopover, opting to book a room at a Gatwick guest house does not mean compromising on quality.

Staying in a guest house can also offer the best of both worlds! Gable End for example is not only in an ideal location for those looking to enjoy a comfortable stay close to the airport, but it’s one that also serves as a peaceful retreat from the bustle of every day. Every aspect of the Gable End B&B has been considered in great detail to ensure each of our guests can enjoy all of the benefits stated above, before their departure from Gatwick.


For more information or to book your stay at Gable End Guest House, call us now!