Arundel takes on the role of being West Sussex’s picture perfect postcard town. It’s a place where fairytales are born and history can be seen. This hilly West Sussex town is filled with incredible examples of Georgian and Victorian homes, and is dominated by the presence of the magnificent Arundel Castle and the town cathedral.

Arundel’s rich history dates back to before the Domesday Book, where it was acknowledged as a flourishing market town. A lot of the town’s history revolves around the history of the Castle and the castle being of major importance for a variety of reasons, was the centre of numerous battles and sieges.


Horsham is a larger Sussex town with a population of about 55,000 and dates back to at least AD 947. Horsham is a historical market town centred around what is called the Carfax. The Carfax is the towns market square, a mostly pedestrianized area made of large picturesque Horsham stone paving slabs and surrounded by nice shops. There are a large number of historical buildings in and around Horsham, and the town even hosts its own local museum.

Horsham is filled with attractions and offers a little something for everyone, regardless of age or interests.


Although Chichester is not a town, but a small city, we thought we would include it on the list because of how incredible it is full stop. Chichester has a vast, busy and very colourful history dating back to the Romans who originally settled the town. Built on the Roman ruins lies the cities centralised grand Normal cathedral, which is both impressive and elegant. Surrounding the city still, you will find the ancient city walls build to protect the city and within these walls are countless examples of incredible and perfected Georgian houses, immaculately preserved.


The town of Petworth happens to be still dominated by the presence of Petworth House and its surrounding estates. Petworth House on its own is an excellent reason to pay this town a visit. Petworth House is now run by the National Trust and  is a magnificent architectural example filled to the brim with antiquities and fine art to rival any museum or gallery. The house is surrounded by 100’s of acres of award winning landscaped gardens worth a visit any time of the year.


Crawley is considered to be the economic big hitter of West Sussex and having a population of roughly 100,000, it is also the largest settled area in the county. Crawley is a newly established town, so it is not somewhere you are going to find castles and picturesque architectural gems and sights, but if you are looking for any sort of new/fun attractions or shopping you have hit the right spot. Much of Crawley’s success as a town can be attributed to the presence of Gatwick Airport.