When you’re looking for somewhere nice to stay overnight or for short breaks, it’s important to understand your options. Accommodation booking websites often list your choices in three broad categories. They are hotels, guest houses, and B&Bs.

We wanted to set the record straight today by highlighting the differences between all three, and helping you to make the right decision. Sometimes you want something more friendly than a Travelodge, and it’s important you understand your options.

As you will know, we run an attractive guest house near to Gatwick Airport, and so that is where we will start our article today.

Guest House

Guest houses are very similar to hotels and B&Bs. There are, however, some differences that you mustn’t overlook. For instance, most establishments referred to as guest houses will have more rooms than a standard B&B solution. In most circumstances, they will offer more than five bedrooms alongside a lounge and dining room. It’s possible to host might live on the premises in much the same way they would with a bed and breakfast. Most guest houses will provide that service too.


Hotels are usually much larger establishments run by a big team of staff members. The host won’t live on-site in most instances. That is because most hotels in the UK belong to chain companies. You often have to pay extra for breakfast in a hotel, and you don’t get the same friendly atmosphere. In nearly all instances, all the rooms inside a hotel will look very similar. On the flip side, owners of guest houses often try to give each room a distinctive and unique aesthetic.


Bed and Breakfasts are often contained within standard houses. Sometimes you might find that people with a couple of spare rooms create a B&B to make extra income. They’re usually quite cozy, and food comes as part of your standard room tariff. In most circumstances, B&Bs offer the cheapest form of accommodation. However, the rooms are rarely of the same quality you might find in a hotel or guest house.

To better describe the differences between those three forms of accommodation, it would make sense to create a scale. The rane should run from “cheap and low-quality rooms” to “expensive and high-quality places to lay your head.” Right at the bottom of that scale, you will find most B&B establishments. Hotels are at the top, with guest houses in the middle.

Having said that, it all comes down to the type of experience you want to enjoy. Some people think the upmarket luxury of most hotels leave them lacking human interaction. They also believe that some B&B places are too small to provide enough comfort. That is why guest houses have become a top choice with most travellers these days. They’re large enough to feel like a hotel, but you don’t lose the friendly atmosphere you might encounter in a B&B.

Sometimes the personal touch goes a long way – and that why we think people keep coming back for more.

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