With holiday season approaching, chances are you’ll be thinking about catching a plane to your favourite beach sometime soon. Unfortunately, so will everyone else. This time of the year brings with it warm weather, golden sands, and congestion. Gatwick is the UK’s second biggest airport, meaning flight delays are an even likelier occurrence. We’ve put together a list of great ways you can spend your time whilst stranded, so don’t just sit there twiddling your thumbs!

Plug Yourself in

Battery died while you were waiting? Don’t worry. Whilst it can be hard to find points from which to charge up your devices, you can take this opportunity to charge them up at the airport using the many spare power sockets throughout the terminals. Gatwick’s various bars and cafes should also have free power supplies. It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission when your only source of entertainment is low on juice. However, if you want to be safe, “Chargebox” has units all over Gatwick that will let you charge your phone from about £1.50 for 30 minutes of charge time.

Embark on an Internet Hunt

It’s almost instinctive for many of us at this point to seek out a Wi-Fi signal when found with nothing to do. It’s easy to get online at Gatwick by using the Boingo hotspot, all you have to do is open your browser and follow the instructions on screen. However, if you’re after longer than fifteen minutes, you should know you’ll be made to pay soon after. If you’re a cheapskate, there is always McDonald’s Wi-Fi. However, the sign up process is exhaustive and irritating. Your best bet is to bring your mobile broadband dongle with you and connect to the internet with 3G.

Get Some Fresh Air with a Nature Walk

Gatwick airport happens to be situated right on a National Cycle Route. (Bet you didn’t know that). Just leave the airport from South Terminal and find the cycle path until you discover peace and quiet. Whilst it’s not an area of outstanding natural beauty, it’s a welcome break from the bustle of the airport. You could also head to the town of Horley, just three minutes away on the train, and grab yourself a pint. If you’re flight is delayed to the extreme, consider taking the forty minute train journey to Brighton. Brighton is a lively, scenic seaside town with a host of attractions and tourist shops.

Have Yourself a Seat in the VIP Lounge

Don’t let the name fool you, this isn’t a celebrity hideout. Choose from several lounges and book online for the reasonable fare of about £20 a head. These lounges are great for finding some respite away from the noisy crowds and harsh lights. Snacks, drinks, and quality reading material are all included in the price, meaning the ticket pretty much pays for itself. Note that only some lounges are child friendly, and all of them enforce a maximum stay of three hours.

Top Up On Your Beauty Sleep

If you’re delayed overnight, you may find that getting some shut eye is the best option. Spending the night in an airport, whilst highly unglamorous, may not be as bad as you think. If you go for it, you may want to check out the site “Sleeping in Airports” for handy tricks and advice so travellers can enjoy the experience as much as possible. Gatwick Airport makes this experience much easier than its neighbours with padded chairs and unfazed security guards. If the idea of settling down for the night in an airport is totally abhorrent, then why not check into a nearby hotel or guest house. Gable End is one such guest house that guarantees to make your stay enjoyable.