Go Ape!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a gorilla? Or, perhaps you’re more of an orangutan sort of person? How about a chimpanzee? Whatever simian you’d prefer to be, you can let your inner monkey out to play with a trip to Go Ape, just round the corner from our Gatwick guest house!

There are Go Ape locations across the country, but if you’re looking to kill some time in the Gatwick area, you can head straight to the gorgeous Tilgate Park on the outskirts of Crawley.

But what exactly is Go Ape? Well, quite simply, it’s awesome fun that you can enjoy with all the family. Safely strapped in with ropes and harnesses, at Go Ape you get to swing around in the treetops, negotiating a range of tricky aerial assault courses, and zip-wiring back to earth with a fun and satisfying bump!

There are two different courses to suit all age groups: Tree Top Junior for under 10s, and the super duper classic Tree Top Adventure. The Junior course is suitable for everybody over a metre in height, whereas everyone over the age of 10 can enjoy the classic course.

Sessions last for an hour, which is certainly enough time to be up so high, and still allows you to spend the rest of the day exploring the many pleasures of Tilgate Park itself.

Tilgate Park

Tilgate Park boasts a long and illustrious history. From a palatial estate to site of dinosaur bone excavation, and so much else besides, the Park has been an integral part of local history for centuries.

Set within nearly two hundred acres of forest, lakes and green space, the Park is now one of the most popular locations for family days out in the Gatwick area. The Tilgate Park Nature Reserve is home to over 100 different species of animals, including endangered wildlife and farm animals. Valuable conservation efforts and breeding programmes take place at the Park, so it is so much more than just the petting zoo and farm that children so enjoy.

Beyond the Nature Reserve, there are beautiful walled gardens to enjoy. A café and picnic area, mazes and themed gardens, all make for a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere for when the children start tiring from all the fun and excitement of the day.

Speaking of fun and excitement, Tilgate Park also has an extensive adventure playground for children of all ages, just across the way from the Go Ape Treetop Junior course. The playground is overlooked by a family pub restaurant, making it easy to enjoy a relaxing drink or meal whilst the kids happily play in plain view.

Adults can also enjoy Tilgate Park’s outdoor gym, which is completely free to use. Part of Tilgate Park’s commitment to healthy living, the equipment is similar to what you’d find at a standard indoor gym, but designed for use in all weather conditions.

With so much to do at Tilgate Park, taking a day trip during your stay at Gable End guest house in Gatwick is the perfect way to take home a wealth of happy memories. Come a day before your flight to get your holiday off to a great start before you even reach your destination!