If you’re looking for something a bit different to entertain you on your trip to the south east, then Brighton is the place to go. There are many reasons why this famous city by the sea attracts so many holidaymakers from the UK and beyond, but we’re going to take a look at one of Brighton’s more obscure attractions.

The Brighton Hidden Mysteries Tour is the perfect choice for those looking for a quirky, out-of-the-ordinary adventure on the south coast. If you have a mild interest in conspiracy and the occult, enjoyed Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code or just simply like to be amused by good storytelling, then this tour is going to be right up your street.

But what is it? The Hidden Mysteries tour takes visitors on a fascinating journey into the magic and witchcraft folklore of the city. It promises to reveal the extraordinary, unseen history lurking around every corner in Brighton’s historic streets, and share stories of the strange goings-on, hidden places, and rituals that this city is secretly home to.

You need not be a believer in the supernatural, however, to enjoy this tour. The entire tour is presented with tongue firmly lodged in cheek, and ample doses of comedy to boot.

Run by the hugely knowledgeable – and entertaining – Lee Sillitoe, the tour begins at the Old Steine, weaving through the grounds of the Royal Pavilion, taking in the symbolism of the historic building, and the streets and buildings around the city centre. Words like alchemy, paganism, Knights Templar and Illuminati all come up more than once!

Sillitoe takes his audience through his spellbinding research, spinning yarns and drawing links between ancient civilisations, conspiracies and magic, the facts always dancing and interweaving with fancy and fiction. You are left to draw your own conclusions as to the veracity of what you’ve been told.

The tour goes on for two hours, with a small section being considered unsuitable for children. For that bit, you are welcome to leave the tour and rejoin after, though it is down to your own parental guidance. You know what your kids will enjoy, and what is likely to scare them out of their wits!

The tour is very popular, running weekly throughout the year, every Friday night at 7pm. Perhaps the best time to go on the tour is over Halloween, at the end of October, when the supernatural elements take on a whole extra resonance. It’s also the time of year it’s probably going to be a good idea to book in advance, because of the seasonal quality.

At only £8.00 per person, the Hidden Mysteries tour is an affordable way to spend a memorable and entertaining evening in Brighton. As the evening streets glow with autumn light, and the chill sea breeze whips up your hair, the sheer evocativeness of the content and mood of the tour is simply delightful. And once it comes to an end, you can warm up with a mulled cider or local Sussex ale in one of Brighton’s many lively, comfortable pubs.