If you’re one of the millions of people addicted to Pokémon Go, you’ll know that there’s a bit of leg work involved if you want to be a successful Player. If your virtual collection is a little lacking, then you may just find the Pokémon you need abroad. Here’s a guide to the types of Pokémon you can find around the world, so you can “catch them all” on your summer holiday.


Water Pokémon

Unfortunately, Pokémon Go doesn’t compute swimming pools or hot tubs, so you won’t get lucky while you’re having a soak. However, you can find water Pokémon by coastal areas, so you can still relax on the beach and add to your collection at the same time. Try staying at a resort close to the sea and you’ll be knee deep in Shellders, Seels, and Squirtles.


Fairy & Dragon Pokémon

These mysterious Pokémon love hanging around historical landmarks, and you can often find them around monuments and churches. They also prefer sneaking about at night, so you can catch a romantic evening stroll, and a Pokémon at the same time! Italy is a great choice for its ancient sites, ideal for spotting historical landmarks and maybe a Dragonair or a Jigglypuff.

If you’d prefer an exotic Caribbean break, then Jamaica may be the way to go, You’re bound to find a mythical Pokémon as Jamaica boasts more churches per square mile than any other country, (apart from Vatican City), so it’s an ideal island to visit for Pokémon hunting.


Grass Pokémon

Sneaky grass Pokémon like Ivysaur and Bellsprout are predictably found in grassy areas like forests and parks, but they can even be found on golf courses, so you’re bound to snag one while playing crazy golf on your hols. Costa Rice is a safe bet for grass types with its famous emerald valleys, cloud forests, and massive national parks.


Fire Pokémon

Luckily, you don’t need to go exploring live volcanoes to catch fire Pokémon like Charmander. But if you love the heat then you’ll be pleased to learn that the best spots to grab yourself a fiery friend are all the best holiday locations – countries with lots of beaches and hot, dry climates.

The Canary Islands are guaranteed to provide year round sun and abundant fire Pokémon. Probably the most enjoyable Pokémon to hunt for, you can catch yourself a Growlithe or a Charizard while soaking up the rays on your sun lounger.


Rock Pokémon

Large buildings, towns, motorways, and quarries are all home to rock stars like Geodude and Diglett. You’ll find them hanging out in rocky places, but not in amongst rocks per say. Since they love shopping centres, It’s a no brainer to grab a rock Pokémon while hitting the shops for some holiday trinkets and souvenirs, they make the perfect excuse for some retail therapy.

If you’re looking for the best shopping hotspots to catch these rocky creatures, then the huge shopping plaza central world in Thailand is a great choice, or hit up the Mall of Emirates in Dubai, with its own opera hall, art gallery, and movie theatre, it’s a must see.


Need somewhere to stay before you jet off on your Pokémon hunting adventure? Gable End is the perfect choice, ideally situated just five minutes from Gatwick. You may not catch any rare Pokémon during your stay, but you will catch some shut eye before your flight!