Summer is just around the corner, and we can’t wait for it to arrive. With the days getting longer and hotter, it is time to start planning some fun things to do. If you are lucky enough to stay in Gatwick this year, you will find that there are loads of places you might want to visit. One of the best things about this destination is that there are so many other beautiful places to see in the vicinity. If you happen to have a car, you can drive to most of these places in thirty minutes. Using Gatwick as your base, you can see some of the most exciting places in the south of the country.


#1 Brighton Coast

If you have not yet traveled to Brighton, 2015 should be the year that you do. As diverse as it is beautiful, this seaside destination is well worth visiting for a day. The coast has plenty of arcades and ice cream parlors to keep you busy until the sun goes down. When night falls, though, the place turns into a haven of clubs and late bars. The nightlife in this area is incredible, and so you have to see it to believe it.


#2 Guildford market town

If you have a few hours to spare, you might want to hit this market town. The things that you can find on a market stall might just surprise and delight you. Just half an hour from Gatwick, Guildford is a stunning little place that you have to visit. The area is quaint and scenic, which makes it the perfect place to relax and chill out. Once you have finished shopping, you could even take a boat ride on the River Wey to finish your day.


#3 Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden

If you are a culture vulture, there are yet more things that you might enjoy in this exciting and interesting area. The Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden has a range of temporary and permanent exhibits. A little over ten miles outside of Gatwick, the garden is like something out of this universe. Large, impressive sculptures and beautiful water features make this place an excellent tourist attraction. Once there, you can enjoy a completely serene day while you gaze at award-winning art.


#4 Thorpe Park

If you are in the mood for a little adventure, though, Thorpe Park is always a good idea. The attraction is a great way to spend a family day out. With water rides and roller coasters aplenty, you will never be short of ways to enjoy yourself at this place. If you look a little in advance, you might get some discount tickets for the park. During the summer months, some national newspapers tend to offer vouchers and discount codes that you can use. It should take you a little over half an hour to reach this destination from Gatwick, but the right will be well worth it.


Visiting the south in the summer is an incredible way to spend a few days. Start planning your trip now!