What do you picture when you think “holiday”? Probably somewhere nice and hot on a beach somewhere. Whilst it’s true the UK can’t offer you glistening sands and warm weather, it makes a pretty interesting place to take a holiday when you factor in all the haunted hotels around here. Why not holiday at home this summer break instead of journeying to Disneyland. We promise we’ve got more authentic haunted houses.

Rose & Crown, Porthcawl, Wales

Situated opposite an ancient graveyard, what is now a charming inn was once the Rose Cottage and Crown Cottage. Because of the age and the history associated with the buildings, many guests have had their share of ghostly encounters with the place. People staying in the hotel have reported the feeling of being watched during their stay, and the mischievous spirit of a little boy is said to roam the place, sending objects clattering to floor. The resident dog also refuses to go upstairs. Could this be because of the rumours of the spectral canine, seen prowling the second floor? Or perhaps it could be because of the strange eyewitness reports of a ghostly figure with piercing eyes, staring out of the upstairs window? Spend a night and see.

Cathedral House Hotel, Glasgow

The building dates all the way back to the 1870’s in which it was used as a rehabilitation centre for female prisoners from Glasgow’s Duke Street Prison, where many of the infamous suffragettes were held. You’ll feel ghosts pass you in the stairways and hear the laughter of ghostly children from upstairs. See if you can bag yourself a room with spine tingling views of the Glasgow Necropolis, a Victorian cemetery beside Glasgow Cathedral.

Redworth Hall Hotel, Count Durham

Dating back to the 1600’s, Redworth Hall has been the home of a variety of owners. Most notably Lord Robert Surtees whose mentally ill child is said to haunt it to this day. His keening wails and deranged laughter is often heard throughout the hotel. Why so sad? Perhaps because the Lord Surtees used to keep him chained up to one of the fireplaces in the Great Hall. A second ghost of a young maid is also said to haunt the place, the spectre of Surtees’s illicit lover who threw herself down the stairs when his wife found out. Ironic perhaps, as Redworth is now a popular wedding venue.

White Hart Hotel, Holywell Hill, St Albans

With over 600 years under its belt, it’s no surprise that the White Hart is chock full of ghostly beings. This building is positively steeped in chilling ghost stories ranging from people feeling a presence behind them, to a little ghostly girl running around who died in a fire in 1832. A lady is also said to have died onsite when her horse-drawn carriage pulled into the archway of the, now, car park. It is said she didn’t duck in time and tragically broke her neck. That’s not to mention the cellar in which plague victims were housed, or the minstrels gallery where several gristly local hangings took place.

Angel Inn, Lymington, Hampshire

With many supporting the claim that this thirteenth century inn is one of Britain’s most haunted, this entry on the list is sure to give you a scare! The most frequently spotted is the ghost of a former coach driver, seen staring out of the Kitchen window, with other guests encountering a phantom blonde female, flying about the second floor, where ghostly giggles are often heard. If you pay this hotel a visit, make sure to listen out for the sounds of the piano being played throughout. Of course, there is no piano onsite.

Jamaica Inn, Cornwall

Sound familiar? That’s because this famous inn was the inspiration behind Daphne Du Maurier’s bestselling novel, Jamaica Inn. You aren’t likely to find a hotel more atmospheric than this one, situated at the heart of the eerie Bodmin Moor. You’ll overhear ghostly conversations in ancient Cornish and spectral horse hooves. Many years back it is said a stranger left a glass of unfinished ale on the table to be summoned outside into the night. His corpse was found on the moor in the morning and his death remains a mystery. Some say they can hear his footsteps, coming back to finish his drink. Some guests have even got so spooked, they’ve vacated the hotel in the middle of the night. Can you brave it?

Ettington Park Hotel, Warwickshire

With its fearsome reputation and its title as the most haunted hotel in the UK, Ettington Park is not for the faint of heart! There have been sightings of the ghosts of two young boys who drowned in the nearby river in the 1800s, and an old woman in Victorian clothing has been seen walking into the conservatory. A woman in white can be seen on the veranda at dusk and on Christmas Eve, staff witnessed a candle lift up from the mantelpiece and seemingly float in the air all by itself.

Eastwell Manor, Kent

This beautiful country house hotel set in manicured gardens comes with a price in the shape of a spooky “white lady”, and a horseman, often seen riding towards the house at high speeds before veering off and disappearing into the lake. Strange noises at all hours of the night and objects moved around are regular occurrences. One of the housekeepers even left the hotel altogether after a particularly horrifying night shift. What spooked her? It’s still a mystery.


As you can see, the hotels of the UK are far from boring, but if you don’t fancy a scare, why not try Gable End for a complimentary Full English and free Wi-Fi, with totally ghost-free rooms!