Looking for a scare this Halloween? Just 15 minutes away from Gable End Guest House, Tulleys Shoctober Fest is the perfect choice.

The winners of various industry and public voted awards, Shocktober Fest has continued to earn the title of the UK’s No.1 Halloween Attraction since 2008.

The Fright Fest returns this year with 8 creepy attractions, great live music, and ghoulish food. With special effects, live actors, and shocking surprises, the haunts consist of: Coven of 13, panDEMONiums Carnival, The Chop Shop, The Colony, The Cellar Haunted House, Hororwood Haunted Hayride, Hell-ements, and The Creepy Cottage.

Much more than just the scary bits, Shoctober Fest also features two live music stages, quality food, and award winning street theatre, creating a fantastic festival atmosphere. (Rated a 12A Attraction)

The Attractions

PanDEMONiums 3D Carnival – Scare Factor: 8

Mr PanDEMONium and his circus have come to town, bringing with them the greatest show on Earth… or not of this earth as the case may be. These circus entertainers are unlike any you’ve seen before, and laughter will turn to screams as you see, in 3D, what lies beneath their painted smiles….

Coven of 13 – Scare Factor: 9

Cosy up with a coven of creepy witches. This attraction is centred on an old 17th century witches tale and is guaranteed to make your hair stand on end!

The Chop Shop – Scare Factor: 9

Meet Billy-Bob and his team of gristly mechanics. How about a trailer or a pick up? If they haven’t got what you’re after, you may just be in for some…special renovations. Just remember, if they ask you to lean down and look into the trunk, run.

The Cellar – Scare Factor: 9

Will you dare to venture into the old abandoned farm house and meet the creatures lurking in the cellar? With a scare factor of nine, this attraction is not for the faint hearted!

Hell-ements – Scare Factor: 8

Based around the goddess Hel – Queen of the Netherworld – only the strong will endure the ritual of the Hellements. Will you escape her clutches? Walking in the dark with your head shrouded and only a rope for guidance is enough to frighten the bravest of people!

The HorrorWood Hayride – Scare Factor: 7

Go exploring at the derelict back lot where Horrorwood filmed their last film in the Golden Age of Cinema. With props and movie sets left abandoned in the woods, some believe the actors can still be found there, acting out their scenes…

The Creepy Cottage – Scare Factor: 6

The longstanding tenants at the creepy cottage invite you into their home to show you around. Explore winding corridors with flickering lights, and tread on floorboards infested with creepy crawlies. If you’re lucky, they may even invite you to meet their long since deceased family members…

The Colony – Scare Factor: 8

Meet the cannibalistic survivors of the apocalypse. Humanity has all but vanished and the ferocious members of the colony are sure to give you a fright!
Aside from the main attractions, the street theatre provides a wealth of things to see and be scared by. With zombie nurses and clowns with chainsaws prowling the streets, there’s no escape from the horror. Watch the awe inspiring fire breathers, or have a tarot reading and connect with the spirit world. Zombie usherettes are on hand, peddling their wares – but beware of the ex-boyfriend flavoured popcorn!

And after all that, why not stay for the night at Gable End? Just 15 minutes away, the beds are so comfy you’ll get plenty of sleep, no matter how scared you are!


Check Out the Website for Bookings: https://www.halloweenattractions.co.uk/locations/crawley/shocktoberfest






Image Source: (www.halloweenattractions.co.uk/locations/crawley/shocktoberfest)